Across the chain wallet

The current block chain the underlying technology platform flowers, different business, different skills At the bottom of the block chain operation mechanism, lack of unified interconnection between this greatly limits the block And the healthy development of the application of ecological chain technology. Demand across the chain.

The wallet technology

Across the chain technology

Early across chain technology including represented by Rayleigh wave and the BTC Relay, they pay more attention to transfer assets; Existing across the chain technology represented by Polkadot and Cosmos more focused on infrastructure across the chain; New SGSC contracts, multi-currency is implemented is a application value chain of the public, can produce rich in its financial applications across the chain.

Hot and cold wallet

Chain store multiple currencies, including the series of bits of currency, ETH tokens, based on Erc20 tokens, etc. Block chain multiple currencies at the heart of the purse is: storage, safe and convenient. Its top priority is "safe". Players use a wallet APP is in order to ensure the safety of their digital assets.

Quantitative trading

Arbitrage thought: quantitative investment through a comprehensive, systematic scan capture mispricing valuations, errors, the opportunities, and valuation of depressions, and by buying undervalued assets, sell overvalued assets and earnings. Probability to win: one is continuously from the historical data of mining quantitative investment is expected to repeat and utilizing law; 2 it is to rely on the portfolio to win, not win a single asset. .

Quantitative trading definition

Audition of quantitative trading from huge historical data can bring excess profits of big probability events to develop strategy, with the number of model validation and curing these laws and policies, and strictly enforce has solidified strategy to guide investment, in order to gain sustainable, stable and higher than the average excess return 。

Quantitative classification of trading

Quantitative way to trade can be divided into automated Trading (Automatic Trading), quants (policy Investment), programmatic transaction (the Program Trading), algorithmic Trading Algorithm (Trading) and high-frequency (High Frequency Trading).。

Quantitative trading advantage

Quantitative trading one of the biggest advantage is to reduce the influence of investor sentiment volatility, avoid under the condition of the market mania or pessimistic to make irrational investment decisions。

SGasia wallet across chain technology provides the perfect solution S Pay. Pass through the interaction between the digital currency remittance, that the value of digital currency is also improved. Second, by saving interest-bearing agreement, SGasia coin can improve the total digital currency use scale, improving consumption scale nearly 20 times, according to the current digital currency total market capitalization of $240 billion, the ability of digital currency to pay up to $4.8 trillion, more than the current pay 1% of the total demand, in more than 200 countries and regions around the world to be valued.

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