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Party for the first time publicly subscribe to subscribe subscribe price time the 2019-08-03-2019-08-03 (0.1 usdt) the issuance of a reservation amount SGC (250000) (2019-08-08) all subscribe to the average, redundant usdt will return to the SG Asia wallet purse, so please be sure to fill in reservation information

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SG asia wallet Official ERC 20
SGasia wallet across chain technology provides the perfect solution S Pay. Pass through the interaction between the digital currency remittance, that the value of digital currency is also improved. Second, by saving interest-bearing agreement, SGasia coin can improve the total digital currency use scale, improving consumption scale nearly 20 times, according to the current digital currency total market capitalization of $240 billion, the ability of digital currency to pay up to $4.8 trillion, more than the current pay 1% of the total demand, in more than 200 countries and regions around the world to be valued.

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