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Multi-currency across chain store Trading of quantitative decentralized Hot and cold separation

Project Introduction

If the consensus mechanism is the soul core of the blockchain, then for the blockchain, especially the alliance chain and the private chain, the cross-chain technology is the key to realizing the value network. It is to save the alliance chain from the scattered islands. The good medicine is the bridge that expands and connects the blockchain outward.

Block chain technically is decentralized and distributed database technology, books from the business level is the value network, in the value network, the more effective connection nodes and the distribution, may produce the value of the stack. Block value chain is the core of the network space infrastructure, applications should not be confined to block chain and stop at the union application of chain, will be in a small circle of value, we need to cross chain technology, to connect and extend of different block chain, build the value network of highway
Quantitative trade, sometimes also called automated trading, refers to the advanced mathematical model to replace human subjective judgment. Greatly reduce the effect of investor sentiment volatility, avoid under the condition of the market mania or pessimistic make irrational investment decisions. Quantitative trading there are many, including cross-platform move brick, trend trading, hedge, etc.
Elwin Jam for remittance to overseas colleagues, Elwin only RMB, Jam only accept us dollars. The deal was first Elwin change RMB to SGSC again give to Jam the SGSC into dollars, zhang to provide a third party, can guarantee to the sender, their money, only when the book received proof, and the recipient has received payment, will transfer to the connection. The third party will ensure that connection, once they finished the last part of the agreement, they will receive the sender of the funds
Project background


years Preparations


multiple countries


multiple communities

The development course

From America's national academy of engineering, 2016, more than 30 finance professionals create USA SG Aisa foundation


Project investment 30 + 2017 block chain, with a total investment amount is about 2 billion USD. In the same year acquisition Neco group in Singapore


Registered Neco Technology holdings, Focus on developing block chain technology exchange Policy transaction Hot and cold separation


Create a SG Aisa Wallet 1.0 The beta Develop independent quantitative trade sector Docking mainstream exchange API financing


Finish top online exchanges for traditional IPO financing plate for SG Debit cardSG Credit cardSG ATM to create a completely decentralized equal fair exchange market



SGasia wallet across chain technology provides the perfect solution S Pay. Pass through the interaction between the digital currency remittance, that the value of digital currency is also improved. Second, by saving interest-bearing agreement, SGasia coin can improve the total digital currency use scale, improving consumption scale nearly 20 times, according to the current digital currency total market capitalization of $240 billion, the ability of digital currency to pay up to $4.8 trillion, more than the current pay 1% of the total demand, in more than 200 countries and regions around the world to be valued.

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