SGasia wallet application is a multi-currency purse, based on the technology of cross chain SGasia wallet using across the chain of communication protocol and intelligent contract to support the whole purse data and functional architecture. Cross chain technology to help the purse did it completely decentralization of service. Among them, the intelligent contracts include contracts and remittance interest-bearing savings contract, the former is mainly responsible for cross chain transfer and remittance of funds business, which can guarantee the security of third-party for-profit service access, such as savings, credit CARDS, ATM, quantitative services, savings interest-bearing, OTC, etc., through intelligent contracts, the user can be safe to use the wallet on the integration of all functions.

The core team


Andrew Nicholas / USA

Rutgers university MBA Honorary professor at Virginia tech Benjamin Franklin medal winners Cloudon founder, the program was the IBM Cloud Data Servise acquisition in building distributed block chain solutions at least 5 years of experience  


Linda Milar

Financial Ph.D degree at Virginia tech With 20 years of experience in financial management Contact the currency began in 2012, the early currency holders Participated in Blockverify. IO etc multiple block chain project


Danniel Devid

Software engineering at Stanford university, Dr Microsystems distinguished engineer For more than 15 years of experience in software development Former Microsoft, Linux development experts, COINS miners, intelligent contract specialist


Nancy Ellen

Doctoral degree at Johns Hopkins university Have 10 years of experience in financial services executive leadership To block chain industry began in 2013 Has been involved in including ZZEX/NUS multiple trading platforms such as operation management

Core technology


Johnson lee
Development director

Java senior engineer is familiar with all kinds of data structures and algorithms, cryptography and security protocols. And encryption algorithm research, proficient in distributed network and storage technology, engaged in bitcoin, Ethernet, block chain project development for three years.  


frank Milar
Product consultant

The master of research for block chain products is familiar with various data structures and algorithms, cryptography, and safety. Full protocol and encryption algorithm. We study the white paper, operation mechanism and underlying implementation of various block chain projects, and output project evaluation reports.


Albert smith
Senior architects

C++ back end development engineer, good at algorithms, protocol design, well versed in the field of cryptography in the third party payment domain, distributed domain, the field of bitcoin (virtual currency)


Joan jackson
Chief development engineer

Software development engineer is familiar with various data structures and algorithms, and develops language. The top digital currency, financial analysis software and transaction software development engineer in the industry; familiar with bitcoin / block chain / encryption algorithm.

SGasia wallet across chain technology provides the perfect solution S Pay. Pass through the interaction between the digital currency remittance, that the value of digital currency is also improved. Second, by saving interest-bearing agreement, SGasia coin can improve the total digital currency use scale, improving consumption scale nearly 20 times, according to the current digital currency total market capitalization of $240 billion, the ability of digital currency to pay up to $4.8 trillion, more than the current pay 1% of the total demand, in more than 200 countries and regions around the world to be valued.

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